(805 ILCS 5/2A.20) (from Ch. 32, par. 2A.20)
    Sec. 2A.20. Voluntary termination of close corporation status by amendment of articles of incorporation; vote required.
    (a) A corporation may voluntarily terminate its status as a close corporation and cease to be subject to this Article 2A by amending its articles of incorporation to delete therefrom the additional provisions required by Section 2A.05 to be stated in the articles of incorporation of a close corporation and deleting from its articles of incorporation, or terminating or amending any shareholder agreement containing, provisions available only to close corporations. Any such amendment to the articles of incorporation shall be adopted and shall become effective in accordance with Section 10.20 except that, subsection (d) of Section 10.20 notwithstanding, it must be approved in writing or by a vote of the holders of record of at least two-thirds of the outstanding shares of each class of the corporation.
    (b) The articles of incorporation of a close corporation may provide that on any amendment to terminate its status as a close corporation, a unanimous vote or any vote greater than two-thirds of the shares of any class shall be required; and, if the articles of incorporation contain such a provision, that provision shall not be amended, repealed or modified by any vote less than that so required to terminate the corporation's status as a close corporation.
(Source: P.A. 86-1328.)