(805 ILCS 5/2A.15) (from Ch. 32, par. 2A.15)
    Sec. 2A.15. Limitations on continuation of close corporation status. A close corporation continues to be such and to be subject to this Article until:
    (1) It files with the Secretary of State articles of amendment deleting from its articles of incorporation the provisions required by Sections 2A.05 hereof pursuant to subsection (a) of Section 2A.20; or
    (2) Any one of the restrictions on the transfer of shares set forth in paragraph (s) of Section 1.80 to qualify a corporation as a close corporation has in fact been breached or removed and neither the corporation nor any of its shareholders proceeds under Section 2A.30 of this Act to prevent such loss of status or to remedy such breach.
(Source: P.A. 86-1328.)