(775 ILCS 5/8-109) (from Ch. 68, par. 8-109)
    Sec. 8-109. Specific penalties; public contracts; licensees; public officials. In addition to the penalties and forms of relief set forth in Section 8A-104, a hearing officer may recommend and the Commission or any three member panel thereof may:
        (A) Public Contracts. In the case of a respondent
who commits a civil rights violation while holding a public contract, where the practice was authorized, requested, commanded, performed, or knowingly permitted by the board of directors of the respondent or by an officer or executive agent acting within the scope of his employment, order: (1) termination of the contract; (2) debarment of the respondent from participating in public contracts for a period not to exceed three years; (3) imposition of a penalty to be paid to the State Treasurer not to exceed any profit acquired as a direct result of a civil rights violation; or (4) any combination of these penalties.
        (B) Licensees. In the case of a respondent,
operating by virtue of a license issued by the State, a political subdivision, or any agency thereof, who commits a civil rights violation, recommend to the appropriate licensing authority that the respondent's license be suspended or revoked.
        (C) Public Officials. In the case of a respondent
who is a public official who violates paragraph (C) of Section 5-102, recommend to the department or agency in which the official is employed that such disciplinary or discharge proceedings as the Commission deems appropriate be employed.
(Source: P.A. 101-221, eff. 1-1-20.)