(775 ILCS 5/7B-104) (from Ch. 68, par. 7B-104)
    Sec. 7B-104. Judicial Proceedings. (A) Temporary Relief. (1) At any time after a charge is filed, the Department or aggrieved party may petition the appropriate court for temporary relief, pending final determination of the proceedings under this Act, including an order or judgment restraining the respondent from doing or causing any act which would render ineffectual an order which the Commission may enter with respect to the aggrieved party. Whether it is brought by the Department or by the aggrieved party, the petition shall contain a certification by the Director that the particular matter presents exceptional circumstances in which irreparable injury will result from a civil rights violation in the absence of temporary relief. The filing of a petition under this paragraph does not affect the initiation or continuation of administrative proceedings under Section 7A-102 and Section 8A-102 of this Act.
    (2) The petition shall be filed in the circuit court for the county in which the respondent resides or transacts business or in which the alleged violation took place, and the proceedings shall be governed by Part 1 of Article XI of the "Code of Civil Procedure", as amended. Except as provided in subsection (A) (3), the court may grant temporary relief or a temporary restraining order as it deems just and proper.
    (3) When the petition is based upon a civil rights violation as defined in Article 3 of this Act, the duration of the relief or restraining order entered by the court shall not exceed 5 days unless:
    (a) A longer period is agreed to by the respondent; or
    (b) The court finds that there is substantial evidence to demonstrate that the respondent has engaged in unlawful discrimination.
    (B) Enforcement of Commission Orders. When authorized by this Act, the Department, at the request of the Commission, may take whatever action may be authorized for the enforcement of Commission orders.
(Source: P.A. 86-910.)