(775 ILCS 5/7-107) (from Ch. 68, par. 7-107)
    Sec. 7-107. Advisory Councils) The Department shall have authority, as the need requires, to create local or statewide advisory councils to aid in effectuating the purposes of this Act, to limit the duration of a council's existence, and to empower a council to:
    (A) Study. Study and report on problems of unlawful discrimination and equal employment opportunity.
    (B) Goodwill. Foster through community effort or otherwise goodwill among the groups and segments of the population of Illinois.
    (C) Recommendations. Make recommendations to the Department for the development of policies and practices that will aid in carrying out the purposes of this Act.
    (D) Support Services. Receive technical and clerical assistance and reimbursement of actual expenses from the Department.
(Source: P.A. 81-1216.)