(770 ILCS 70/7) (from Ch. 82, par. 507)
    Sec. 7. Date lien arises-preference over other encumbrances. The lien provided for in this chapter arises on the date of the furnishing of the first item of material or services or the date of performance of the first labor. Upon compliance with the provisions of Section 10, such lien shall be preferred to all other titles, charges, liens, or encumbrances which may attach to or upon any of the property upon which a lien is given by this Act subsequent to the date the lien herein provided for arises. As to the priority between prior encumbrances and liens filed hereunder, the lien claimant shall be preferred to the extent of the reasonable value of the claimant's labor, material and services if the leasehold or material has been enhanced thereby.
(Source: P.A. 86-377.)