(770 ILCS 70/1) (from Ch. 82, par. 501)
    Sec. 1. Definitions. In this Act unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires:
    1. "Construction" means construction, maintenance, operation, or repair.
    2. "Contract" means a contract, written or oral, express or implied, or partly express and partly implied, or executory or executed, or partly executory and partly executed.
    3. "Drilling" means drilling, digging, perforating, acidizing, cementing, completing, repairing or reworking.
    4. "Furnish" means sell or rent.
    5. "Labor" means work performed in constructing, putting together, or repairing any of the material used or employed, or furnished to be used or employed, for or preliminary to the drilling, completing, operating or repairing of any oil or gas well, or in the execution, maintenance, operation or repair of a pipeline, including legal, geological, engineering, abstracting and title services.
    6. "Leasehold" means the interest of one holding as a lessee or assignee under an oil and gas lease or owner of an interest in oil or gas under which the holder has the right to drill for and produce oil and gas, including the entire working interest.
    7. "Material" means material, machinery, equipment, appliances, buildings, structures, tools, bits, or supplies used on any leasehold.
    8. "Operator" means a person who is responsible for or assumes the daily supervision and management for operating a leasehold and may be a co-owner of a leasehold interest.
    9. "Operating" means all operations in connection with or necessary to the production of oil or gas.
    10. "Owner" means a person holding any interest in the legal or equitable title or both to any leasehold for oil or gas purposes, or any pipeline, or his agent, and shall include purchasers under executory contract, receivers, and trustees.
    11. "Permittee" means the person to whom a permit is issued for drilling, reopening or conversion of a well by the Department of Natural Resources or the person who is named as principal in the bond required by the Department of Natural Resources.
    12. "Person" means an individual, corporation, firm, partnership, or association.
    13. "Pipeline" means any pipeline laid and designed as a means of transporting natural gas, oil, or gasoline, or their components or derivatives, and the right of way therefor.
    14. "Services" means work performed exclusive of labor, including the hauling of material, whether or not involving the furnishing of materials.
    14.5. "Well" means any drill hole required to be permitted under subsection (2) of Section 6 of the Illinois Oil and Gas Act or under Section 12 of that Act.
    15. "Working interest" means any interest in or any right to the production of oil or gas, excluding royalty or overriding royalty interests.
(Source: P.A. 91-187, eff. 1-1-00.)