(765 ILCS 1036/50)
    Sec. 50. Classification. The Secretary shall by rule establish a classification of goods and services for convenience of administration of this Act, but not to limit or extend the applicant's or registrant's rights, and a single application for registration of a mark may include any or all goods upon which, or services with which, the mark is actually being used and which are comprised in a single class. In no event shall a single application include goods or services upon which the mark is being used and which fall within different classes. To the extent practical, the classification of goods and services should conform to the classification adopted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Classification of Goods
Class Title
1 Chemicals
2 Paints
3 Cosmetics and cleaning preparations
4 Lubricants and fuels
5 Pharmaceuticals
6 Metal goods
7 Machinery
8 Hand tools
9 Electrical and scientific apparatus
10 Medical apparatus
11 Environmental control apparatus
12 Vehicles
13 Firearms
14 Jewelry
15 Musical Instruments
16 Paper goods and printed matter
17 Rubber goods
18 Leather goods
19 Non-metallic building materials
20 Furniture and articles not otherwise classified
21 Housewares and glass
22 Cordage and fibers
23 Yarns and threads
24 Fabrics
25 Clothing
26 Fancy goods
27 Floor coverings
28 Toys and sporting goods
29 Meats and processed foods
30 Staple foods
31 Natural agricultural products
32 Light beverages
33 Wine and spirits
34 Smoker's articles
35 Advertising and business
36 Insurance and financial
37 Building construction and repair
38 Telecommunications
39 Transportation and storage
40 Treatment of materials
41 Education and entertainment
42 Scientific, technological, or legal
43 Restaurants, hotels, motels, and boarding
44 Medical, veterinary, beauty care, and forestry
45 Personal, social, and security
(Source: P.A. 93-59, eff. 7-1-03.)