(765 ILCS 945/30)
    Sec. 30. Reverse mortgages; restriction on distribution of loan proceeds. No person, other than a borrower's spouse or partner, who directly or indirectly facilitates, processes, negotiates, assists, encourages, arranges, or otherwise induces consumers to take out a reverse mortgage with a lender may receive any portion of the loan proceeds for any service or product, including for services that fall under the Home Repair and Remodeling Act, other than that for bona fide fees for origination of the loan. This Section shall not prohibit disbursements of loan proceeds in compliance with guidelines, including uses defined as mandatory obligations, under the Federal Housing Administration's Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Program, nor shall it prohibit a borrower from using the loan proceeds to purchase products or services from a lender that is a financial institution in the ordinary course of the financial institution's business.
(Source: P.A. 99-331, eff. 1-1-16.)