(765 ILCS 745/8) (from Ch. 80, par. 208)
    Sec. 8. Renewal of Lease.
    (a) Every lease of a mobile home or lot in a mobile home park shall contain an option which automatically renews the lease; unless:
        (1) the tenant shall notify the owners 30 days prior
to the expiration of the lease that he does not intend to renew the lease;
        (2) the park owner shall notify the tenant 30 days
prior to the expiration of the lease that the lease will not be renewed and specify in writing the reasons, such as violations of park rules, health and safety codes or irregular or non-payment of rent;
        (3) the park owner elects to cease the operation of
either all or a portion of the mobile home park; or
        (4) the park owner seeks to change the terms of the
agreement pursuant to subsection (b) in which case the procedures set forth in subsection (b) shall apply, unless the only change is in the amount of rent, in which case it is sufficient if the park owner provides a letter notice to the tenant stating the changed rent amount; any notice of a change in the amount of rent shall advise the tenant that the tenant will be given a copy of the lease, upon request, at no charge and that no other changes in the lease are allowed.
    (b) If there is no change in the lease, the park owner must provide the tenant with a letter notice stating there will be no change in the lease terms unless a new lease is signed. If there is a change in the rent, the park owner must offer to provide the tenant a copy of the lease without charge upon request.
    (c) All notices required under this Section shall be by first class mail or personal service.
(Source: P.A. 95-383, eff. 1-1-08.)