(765 ILCS 745/16) (from Ch. 80, par. 216)
    Sec. 16. Improper grounds for eviction. The following conduct by a tenant shall not constitute grounds for eviction or termination of the lease, nor shall an eviction order be entered against a tenant:
        (a) As a reprisal for the tenant's effort to secure
or enforce any rights under the lease or the laws of the State of Illinois, or its governmental subdivisions of the United States;
        (b) As a reprisal for the tenant's good faith
complaint to a governmental authority of the park owner's alleged violation of any health or safety law, regulation, code or ordinance, or State law or regulation which has as its objective the regulation of premises used for dwelling purposes;
        (c) As a reprisal for the tenant's being an organizer
or member of, or involved in any activities relative to a homeowners' association;
        (d) As a reprisal for or on the basis of the tenant's
immigration or citizenship status.
(Source: P.A. 101-439, eff. 8-21-19; 102-558, eff. 8-20-21.)