(765 ILCS 745/11) (from Ch. 80, par. 211)
    Sec. 11. Provisions of mobile home park leases. Any lease hereafter executed or currently existing between an owner and tenant in a mobile home park in this State shall also contain, or shall be made to contain, the following covenants binding the owner at all times during the term of the lease to:
        (a) identify to each tenant prior to his occupancy
the lot area for which he will be responsible;
        (b) keep all exterior property areas not in the
possession of a tenant, but part of the mobile home park property, free from the species of weeds and plant growth which are generally noxious or detrimental to the health of the tenants;
        (c) maintain all electrical, plumbing, gas or other
utilities provided by him in good working condition with the exception of emergencies after which repairs must be completed within a reasonable period of time;
        (d) maintain all subsurface water and sewage lines
and connections in good working order;
        (e) respect the privacy of the tenants and if only
the lot is rented, agree not to enter the mobile home without the permission of the mobile home owner, and if the mobile home is the property of the park owner, to enter only after due notice to the tenant, provided, the park owner or his representative may enter without notice in emergencies;
        (f) maintain all roads within the mobile home park in
good condition;
        (g) include a statement of all services and
facilities which are to be provided by the park owner for the tenant, e.g. lawn maintenance, snow removal, garbage or solid waste disposal, recreation building, community hall, swimming pool, golf course, laundromat, etc.;
        (h) disclose the full names and addresses of all
individuals in whom all or part of the legal or equitable title to the mobile home park is vested, or the name and address of the owners' designated agent;
        (i) provide a custodian's office and furnish each
tenant with the name, address and telephone number of the custodian and designated office.
(Source: P.A. 90-655, eff. 7-30-98.)