(765 ILCS 742/15)
    Sec. 15. Tenant liabilities and responsibilities. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that:
        (1) the repairs are performed in a workmanlike manner
in compliance with the appropriate law, administrative rule, or local ordinance or regulation;
        (2) the tradesman or supplier that is hired by the
tenant to perform the repairs holds the appropriate valid license or certificate required by State or municipal law to make the repair; and
        (3) the tradesman or supplier is adequately insured
to cover any bodily harm or property damage that is caused by the negligence or substandard performance of the repairs by the tradesman or supplier.
    The tenant is responsible for any damages to the premises caused by a tradesman or supplier hired by the tenant. A tenant shall not be entitled to exercise the remedies provided for in this Act if the tenant does not comply with the requirements of this Section.
(Source: P.A. 93-891, eff. 1-1-05.)