(765 ILCS 605/9.4) (from Ch. 30, par. 309.4)
    Sec. 9.4. Eminent domain proceedings; notice. After receipt of summons in an action to take or damage a common element, the unit owners' association shall provide to the plaintiff a list of the unit owners, mortgagees and lienholders, and the plaintiff shall provide notice by certified mail to the unit owners, mortgagees and lienholders.
    The notice shall include the following:
    (1) case name and number and jurisdiction in which the case is filed;
    (2) date of filing;
    (3) brief description of the nature of the case;
    (4) description of the property being damaged or taken;
    (5) statement that the unit owner may petition the court to intervene; and
    (6) statement that the mortgagee or lienholder may petition the court to intervene.
    An immaterial error in providing notice shall not invalidate the legal effect of the proceeding.
(Source: P.A. 86-826.)