(765 ILCS 605/22) (from Ch. 30, par. 322)
    Sec. 22. Full disclosure before sale. In relation to the initial sale or offering for sale of any condominium unit, the seller must make full disclosure of, and provide copies to the prospective buyer of, the following information relative to the condominium project:
    (a) the Declaration;
    (b) the Bylaws of the association;
    (c) a projected operating budget for the condominium unit to be sold to the prospective buyer, including full details concerning the estimated monthly payments for the condominium unit, estimated monthly charges for maintenance or management of the condominium property, and monthly charges for the use of recreational facilities; and
    (d) a floor plan of the apartment to be purchased by the prospective buyer and the street address of the unit, if any, and if the unit has no unique street address, the street address of the project.
    (e) in addition, any developer of a conversion condominium shall include the following information:
        (1) A specific statement of the amount of any initial
or special condominium fee due from the purchaser on or before settlement of the purchase contract and the basis of such fee;
        (2) Information, if available, on the actual
expenditures made on all repairs, maintenance, operation, or upkeep of the subject building or buildings within the last 2 years, set forth tabularly with the proposed budget of the condominium and cumulatively, broken down on a per unit basis in proportion to the relative voting strengths allocated to the units by the bylaws. If such building or buildings have not been occupied for a period of 3 years then the information shall be set forth for the last 2 year period such building or buildings have been occupied;
    (3) A description of any provisions made in the budget
for reserves for capital expenditures and an explanation of the basis for such reserves, or, if no provision is made for such reserves, a statement to that effect;
        For developments of more than 6 units for which the
notice of intent to convert is issued after the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1979, an engineer's report furnished by the developer as to the present condition of all structural components and major utility installations in the condominium, which statement shall include the approximate dates of construction, installation, major repairs and the expected useful life of such items, together with the estimated cost (in current dollars) of replacing such items; and
        (5) Any release, warranty, certificate of insurance,
or surety required by Section 9.1.
    All of the information required by this Section which is available at the time shall be furnished to the prospective buyer before execution of the contract for sale. Thereafter, no changes or amendments may be made in any of the items furnished to the prospective buyer which would materially affect the rights of the buyer or the value of the unit without obtaining the approval of at least 75% of the buyers then owning interest in the condominium. If all of the information is not available at the time of execution of the contract for sale, then the contract shall be voidable at option of the buyer at any time up until 5 days after the last item of required information is furnished to the prospective buyer, or until the closing of the sale, whichever is earlier. Failure on the part of the seller to make full disclosure as required by this Section shall entitle the buyer to rescind the contract for sale at any time before the closing of the contract and to receive a refund of all deposit moneys paid with interest thereon at the rate then in effect for interest on judgments.
    A sale is not an initial sale for the purposes of this Section if there is not a bona fide transfer of the ownership and possession of the condominium unit for the purpose of occupancy of such unit as the result of the sale or if the sale was entered into for the purpose of avoiding the requirements of this Section. The buyer in the first bona fide sale of any condominium unit has the rights granted to buyers under this Section. If the buyer in any sale of a condominium unit asserts that such sale is the first bona fide sale of that unit, the seller has the burden of proving that his interest was acquired through a bona fide sale.
(Source: P.A. 91-616, eff. 8-19-99.)