(765 ILCS 130/14) (from Ch. 54, par. 14)
    Sec. 14. If any person is disposed to remove a division fence, or part thereof, owned by him or her, and allow his or her lands to be uncultivated and not used for pasture purposes, after having first given the adjoining owner one year's notice, in writing, of his or her intention so to do and having received such adjoining owner's permission, he or she may, at any time thereafter, remove the same, unless such adjoining owner shall previously cause the value of the fence to be ascertained by fence viewers, selected as hereinbefore provided, and pay or tender the same to such person; provided that if, in accordance with such provisions, the fence has been removed entirely and a new one erected, any person who seeks to make use of the new fence shall pay to the owner one-half of the original cost thereof. With reference to the removal or use of a fence as set forth in this Section, a landlord shall be responsible for the acts of a tenant.
(Source: P.A. 84-551.)