(765 ILCS 77/76)
    Sec. 76. Title insurance company or closing agent; required information. As part of the predatory lending database program, a title insurance company or closing agent must submit all of the following information for inclusion in the predatory lending database:
        (1) The borrower's name, address, social security
number or taxpayer identification number, date of birth, and income and expense information contained in the mortgage application.
        (2) The address, permanent index number, and a
description of the collateral and information about the loan or loans being applied for and the loan terms, including the amount of the loan, the rate and whether the rate is fixed or adjustable, amortization or loan period terms, and any other material terms.
        (3) Annual real estate taxes for the property,
together with any assessments payable in connection with the property to be secured by the collateral and the proposed monthly principal and interest charge of all loans to be taken by the borrower and secured by the property of the borrower as well as any required escrows and the amounts paid monthly for those escrows.
        (4) All itemizations and descriptions set forth in or
in connection with the TILA-RESPA Integrated Closing Disclosure or RESPA settlement statement, including items to be disbursed, payable outside closing "POC" items noted on the statement, and a list of payees and the amounts of their checks.
        (5) The name and license number of the title
insurance company or closing agent together with the name of the agent actually conducting the closing.
        (6) The names and addresses of all originators,
brokers, appraisers, sales persons, attorneys, and surveyors that are present at the closing.
        (7) The date of closing, a detailed list of all
notices provided to the borrower at closing and the date of those notices, and all information indicated on or in connection with the TILA-RESPA Integrated Loan Estimate Disclosure or the Truth in Lending statement and Good Faith Estimate disclosures.
(Source: P.A. 100-509, eff. 9-15-17.)