(765 ILCS 77/72)
    Sec. 72. Originator; required information. As part of the predatory lending database program, the broker or originator must submit all of the following information for inclusion in the predatory lending database for each loan for which the originator takes an application:
        (1) The borrower's name, address, social security
number or taxpayer identification number, date of birth, and income and expense information, including total monthly consumer debt, contained in the mortgage application.
        (2) The address and a description of the collateral
and information about the loan or loans being applied for and the loan terms, including the amount of the loan, the rate and whether the rate is fixed or adjustable, amortization or loan period terms, and any other material terms.
        (3) The borrower's credit score at the time of
        (4) Information about the originator and the company
the originator works for, including the originator's license number and address, fees being charged, whether the fees are being charged as points up front, the yield spread premium payable outside closing, and other charges made or remuneration required by the broker or originator or its affiliates or the broker's or originator's employer or its affiliates for the mortgage loans.
        (5) (Blank).
        (6) All information indicated in connection with the
TILA-RESPA Integrated Loan Estimate Disclosure or on the Good Faith Estimate and Truth in Lending statement disclosures given to the borrower by the broker or originator.
        (7) Annual real estate taxes for the property,
together with any assessments payable in connection with the property to be secured by the collateral and the proposed monthly principal and interest charge of all loans to be taken by the borrower and secured by the property of the borrower.
        (8) Information concerning how the broker or
originator obtained the client and the name of its referral source, if any.
        (9) Information concerning the notices provided by
the broker or originator to the borrower as required by law and the date those notices were given.
        (10) Information concerning whether a sale and
leaseback is contemplated and the names of the lessor and lessee, seller, and purchaser.
        (11) Any and all financing by the borrower for the
subject property within 12 months prior to the date of application.
        (12) Loan information, including interest rate, term,
purchase price, down payment, and closing costs.
        (13) Whether the buyer is a first-time homebuyer or
refinancing a primary residence.
        (14) Whether the loan permits interest only payments.
        (15) Whether the loan may result in negative
        (16) Whether the total points and fees payable by the
borrowers at or before closing will exceed 5%.
        (17) Whether the loan includes a prepayment penalty,
and, if so, the terms of the penalty.
        (18) Whether the loan is an ARM.
    All information entered into the predatory lending database must be true and correct to the best of the originator's knowledge. The originator shall, prior to closing, correct, update, or amend the data as necessary. If any corrections become necessary after the file has been accessed by the closing agent or housing counselor, a new file must be entered.
(Source: P.A. 100-509, eff. 9-15-17.)