(760 ILCS 3/821)
    Sec. 821. Lands or estates subject to future interest or power of appointment; waste; appointment of trustee. If lands or any estate therein are subject to any legal or equitable future interest of any kind or to any power of appointment, whether a trust is involved or not, and it is made to appear that such lands or estate are liable to waste or depreciation in value, or that the sale thereof and the safe and proper investment of the proceeds will inure to the benefit and advantage of the persons entitled thereto, or that it is otherwise necessary for the conservation, preservation, or protection of the property or estate or of any present or future interest therein that such lands or estate be sold, mortgaged, leased, converted, exchanged, improved, managed or otherwise dealt with, the court may, pending the happening of the contingency, if any, and the vesting in possession of such future interest, declare a trust, and appoint a trustee or trustees for such lands or estate and vest in a trustee or trustees title to the property, and authorize and direct the sale of such property, either at a public sale or at private sale, and upon such terms and conditions as the court may direct, and in such case may authorize the trustee or trustees to make such sale and to receive, hold and invest the proceeds thereof under the direction of the court for the benefit of the persons entitled or who may become entitled thereto according to their respective rights and interests, authorize and direct that all or any portion of the property, or the proceeds thereof, so subject to such future interests or powers of appointment, be leased, mortgaged, converted, exchanged, improved, managed, invested, reinvested, or otherwise dealt with, as the rights and interests of the parties and the equities of the case may require, and to that end may confer all necessary powers on the trustee or trustees. All orders of every court entered pursuant to this Section after June 30, 1982 and before September 16, 1985 vesting title to property in a trustee are hereby validated and such title is vested in such trustee effective the day the court entered such order.
(Source: P.A. 101-48, eff. 1-1-20.)