(760 ILCS 3/1001)
    Sec. 1001. Remedies for breach of trust.
    (a) A violation by a trustee of a duty the trustee owes to a beneficiary is a breach of trust.
    (b) To remedy a breach of trust that has occurred or may occur, the court may:
        (1) compel the trustee to perform the trustee's
        (2) enjoin the trustee from committing a breach of
        (3) compel the trustee to redress a breach of trust
by paying money, restoring property, or other means;
        (4) order a trustee to account;
        (5) appoint a special fiduciary to take possession
of the trust property and administer the trust;
        (6) suspend the trustee;
        (7) remove the trustee as provided in Section 706;
        (8) reduce or deny compensation to the trustee; or
        (9) subject to Section 1012, void an act of the
trustee, impose a lien or a constructive trust on trust property, or trace trust property wrongfully disposed of and recover the property or its proceeds.
    (c) Nothing in this Section limits the equitable powers of the court to order other appropriate relief.
(Source: P.A. 101-48, eff. 1-1-20.)