(750 ILCS 62/30)
    Sec. 30. Statewide Committee terms of members; vacancies.
    (a) Terms of the original voting members shall be staggered as follows: one-half shall be designated for 2-year terms and one-half shall be designated for 3-year terms. The length of the initial terms of each original voting member shall be drawn by lot at the first meeting held by the Statewide Committee and shall be recorded as part of the minutes of the meeting. After the initial term, each term shall be for 3 years. Length of terms of co-chairs, the secretary, and other officers coincide with Statewide Committee members' terms.
    (b) The Board Chairperson shall designate members to fill vacancies in accordance with Section 25. A member whose term has expired may serve until a successor is appointed and accepts the appointment.
(Source: P.A. 102-520, eff. 8-20-21.)