(750 ILCS 5/457)
    Sec. 457. Brochure to describe proceedings. The circuit court clerk may make available a brochure that describes the requirements, nature, and effect of a simplified dissolution. The brochure should state, in nontechnical language, the following:
        (a) It is in the best interests of each of the
parties to consult attorneys regarding the dissolution of their marriage, and that the services of attorneys may be obtained.
        (b) The parties should not rely exclusively on the
brochure, and the brochure is intended only as a guide for self-representation.
        (c) A concise summary of the provisions and
procedures of the simplified dissolution procedure.
        (d) The nature and availability of counseling
        (e) If the parties waive their rights to maintenance,
neither party can in the future obtain maintenance from the other.
        (f) A statement in boldface type that a judgment for
dissolution of marriage permanently adjudicates all financial rights arising out of the marriage, including the right to property in the name of one's spouse and the right to support from one's spouse (maintenance or alimony), that a judgment is final, and the parties waive their right to appeal, except that neither party is barred from instituting an action to set aside a final judgment for fraud, duress, accident, mistake, or other grounds at law or in equity.
        (g) The parties to the marriage remain married
persons and cannot remarry until a judgment dissolving the marriage is entered.
(Source: P.A. 88-39.)