(750 ILCS 5/452)
    Sec. 452. Petition. The parties to a dissolution proceeding may file a joint petition for simplified dissolution if they certify that all of the following conditions exist when the proceeding is commenced:
        (a) Neither party is dependent on the other party for
support or each party is willing to waive the right to support; and the parties understand that consultation with attorneys may help them determine eligibility for spousal support.
        (b) Either party has met the residency or military
presence requirement of Section 401 of this Act.
        (c) The requirements of Section 401 regarding proof
of irreconcilable differences have been met.
        (d) No children were born of the relationship of the
parties or adopted by the parties during the marriage, and the wife, to her knowledge, is not pregnant by the husband.
        (e) The duration of the marriage does not exceed 8
        (f) Neither party has any interest in real property
or retirement benefits unless the retirement benefits are exclusively held in individual retirement accounts and the combined value of the accounts is less than $10,000.
        (g) The parties waive any rights to maintenance.
        (h) The total fair market value of all marital
property, after deducting all encumbrances, is less than $50,000, the combined gross annualized income from all sources is less than $60,000, and neither party has a gross annualized income from all sources in excess of $30,000.
        (i) The parties have disclosed to each other all
assets and liabilities and their tax returns for all years of the marriage.
        (j) The parties have executed a written agreement
dividing all assets in excess of $100 in value and allocating responsibility for debts and liabilities between the parties.
        (k) The parties have executed a written agreement
allocating ownership of and responsibility for any companion animals owned by the parties. As used in this Section, "companion animal" does not include a service animal as defined in Section 2.01c of the Humane Care for Animals Act.
(Source: P.A. 99-90, eff. 1-1-16; 99-763, eff. 1-1-17; 100-422, eff. 1-1-18.)