(745 ILCS 49/40)
    Sec. 40. Nurses; exemption from civil liability for services performed without compensation.
    (a) No person licensed as a professional nurse or as a practical nurse under the Nurse Practice Act who, without compensation, renders nursing services shall be liable, and no cause of action may be brought, for damages resulting from an act or omission in rendering such services unless the act or omission involved willful or wanton misconduct.
    (b) (Blank).
    (c) As used in this Section "entity" means a proprietorship, partnership, association or corporation, whether or not operated for profit.
    (d) Nothing in this Section is intended to bar any cause of action against an entity or change the liability of an entity which arises out of an act or omission of any person exempt from liability for negligence under this Section.
(Source: P.A. 95-639, eff. 10-5-07.)