(735 ILCS 30/10-5-70) (was 735 ILCS 5/7-123)
    Sec. 10-5-70. Judgments.
    (a) If the plaintiff is not in possession pursuant to an order entered under the provisions of Section 20-5-15 of this Act, the court, upon the report of the jury under Section 10-5-45 or upon the court's ascertainment and finding of the just compensation when there was no jury, shall proceed to adjudge and make such order as to right and justice shall pertain, ordering that the plaintiff shall enter upon the property and the use of the property upon payment of full compensation as ascertained, within a reasonable time to be fixed by the court. That order, together with evidence of payment, shall constitute complete justification of the taking of the property. Thereupon, the court in the same eminent domain proceeding in which the orders have been made shall have exclusive authority to hear and determine all rights in and to just compensation and shall make findings as to the rights of the parties, which shall be paid by the county treasurer out of the respective awards deposited with him or her, as provided in Section 10-5-85 of this Act, except when the parties claimant are engaged in litigation in a court having acquired jurisdiction of the parties with respect to their rights in the property condemned prior to the time of the filing of the complaint to condemn. Appeals may be taken from any findings by the court as to the rights of the parties in and to the compensation paid to the county treasurer as in other civil cases.
    If the plaintiff dismisses the complaint before the entry of the order by the court first mentioned in this subsection (a) or fails to make payment of full compensation within the time named in that order or if the final judgment is that the plaintiff cannot acquire the property by condemnation, the court shall, upon the application of the defendants or any of them, enter an order in the action for the payment by the plaintiff of all costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney fees paid or incurred by the defendant or defendants in defense of the complaint, as upon the hearing of the application shall be right and just, and also for the payment of the taxable costs.
    (b) If the plaintiff is in possession pursuant to an order entered under the provisions of Section 20-5-15 of this Act and if Section 20-5-45 of this Act is inapplicable, then the court, upon the jury's report under Section 10-5-45 of this Act or upon the court's determination of just compensation if there was no jury, shall enter an order setting forth the amount of just compensation so finally ascertained and ordering and directing the payment of any amount of just compensation that may remain due to any of the interested parties, directing the return of any excess in the deposit remaining with the clerk of the court, and directing the refund of any excess amount withdrawn from the deposit by any of the interested parties.
(Source: P.A. 94-1055, eff. 1-1-07.)