(735 ILCS 30/10-5-30) (was 735 ILCS 5/7-115)
    Sec. 10-5-30. Hearing. Except as provided in Sections 20-5-10, 20-5-15, 20-5-20, and 20-5-45 of this Act, no cause shall be heard earlier than 20 days after service upon defendant or upon due publication against non-residents.
    Any number of separate parcels of property, situated in the same county, may be included in one complaint, and the compensation for each shall be assessed separately by the same or different juries, as the court may direct.
    Amendments to the complaint, or to any paper or record in the cause, may be permitted whenever necessary to a fair trial and final determination of the questions involved.
    Should it become necessary at any stage of the proceedings to bring in a new party in the litigation, the court has the power to: (i) make any rule or order in relation thereto as may be deemed reasonable and proper; (ii) make all necessary rules and orders for notice to parties of the pendency of the proceedings; and (iii) issue all process necessary to the enforcement of orders and judgments.
(Source: P.A. 94-1055, eff. 1-1-07.)