(735 ILCS 5/2-1107) (from Ch. 110, par. 2-1107)
    Sec. 2-1107. Instructing the jury - Taking instructions and papers to the jury room. (a) The court shall give instructions to the jury only in writing, unless the parties agree otherwise, and only as to the law of the case. An original and one copy of each instruction asked by any party shall be tendered to the court. The copies shall be numbered and shall indicate who tendered them. Copies of instructions given on the court's own motion or modified by the court shall be so identified. When instructions are asked which the court refuses to give, the court shall on the margin of the original and copy write the word "refused" and shall write the word "given" on the margin of the original and copy of those given. The court shall in no case, after instructions are given, clarify, modify or in any manner explain them to the jury, otherwise than in writing, unless the parties agree otherwise.
    (b) The original written instructions given by the court to the jury shall be taken by the jury to the jury room, and shall be returned by the jury with its verdict into court. The originals and copies of all instructions, whether given, modified or refused, shall be filed as a part of the proceedings in the cause.
    (c) At the close of the evidence or at any earlier time during the trial that the court reasonably directs, any party may tender instructions and shall at the same time deliver copies thereof to counsel for other parties. If the number or length of the instructions tendered is unreasonable, the court after examining the instructions may require counsel to reduce the number or length thereof. The court shall hold a conference with counsel to settle the instructions and shall inform counsel of the court's proposed action thereon prior to the arguments to the jury. If as a result of the arguments to the jury the court determines that additional instructions are desirable, the court may after a further conference with counsel approve additional instructions. The court shall instruct the jury after the arguments are completed. Conferences on instructions must be out of the presence of the jury.
    (d) Papers read or received in evidence, other than depositions, may be taken by the jury to the jury room for use during the jury's deliberation.
(Source: P.A. 83-707.)