(735 ILCS 5/19-116) (from Ch. 110, par. 19-116)
    Sec. 19-116. Service of order. Upon the bond being given the sheriff or other proper officer shall forthwith serve the certified copy of the order by seizing the property therein mentioned and by serving such order upon the defendant as summons is served in other civil cases.
    The order for replevin issued as provided in Section 19-108 of this Act, may be served as a summons upon defendants wherever they may be found in the State by any person authorized to serve summons in other civil cases; but property may be taken from the possession of a defendant under a replevin order only in the county in which the order is entered and by a proper officer of the county.
    The officer serving such certified order having taken the property or any part thereof shall forthwith deliver such property to the plaintiff unless the defendant executes a bond and security approved by such officer, before such property is actually delivered to the plaintiff. Such bond shall be given in an amount double the value of such property and conditioned that the defendant will appear in and defend the action, and will deliver such property in accordance with the order of the court, in as good condition as it was when the action was commenced, and that the defendant will pay only those costs and damages that may be incurred during the time the property is out of the possession of the officer and back in his or her possession and adjudged against the defendant in such action.
    Such bond shall be returned to the court by the officer serving the order on the day such order is returnable.
(Source: P.A. 83-707.)