(730 ILCS 125/17.5)
    Sec. 17.5. Pregnant female prisoners. Notwithstanding any other statute, directive, or administrative regulation, when a pregnant female prisoner is brought to a hospital from a county jail for the purpose of delivering her baby, no handcuffs, shackles, or restraints of any kind may be used during her transport to a medical facility for the purpose of delivering her baby. Under no circumstances may leg irons or shackles or waist shackles be used on any pregnant female prisoner who is in labor. In addition, restraint of a pregnant female prisoner in the custody of the Cook County shall comply with Section 3-15003.6 of the Counties Code. Upon the pregnant female prisoner's entry to the hospital delivery room, 2 county correctional officers must be posted immediately outside the delivery room. The Sheriff must provide for adequate personnel to monitor the pregnant female prisoner during her transport to and from the hospital and during her stay at the hospital.
(Source: P.A. 100-1051, eff. 1-1-19.)