(730 ILCS 5/5-9-1.11)
    Sec. 5-9-1.11. Domestic Violence Abuser Services Fund.
    (a) (Blank).
    (b) Domestic Violence Abuser Services Fund; administration. There is created a Domestic Violence Abuser Services Fund in the State Treasury. Moneys deposited into the Fund under Section 15-70 of the Criminal and Traffic Assessments Act shall be appropriated to the Department of Human Services for the purpose of providing services specified by this Section. Upon appropriation of moneys from the Domestic Violence Abuser Services Fund, the Department of Human Services shall set aside 10% of all appropriated funds for the purposes of program training, development and assessment. The Department shall make grants of all remaining moneys from the Fund to qualified domestic violence abuser services programs through a competitive application process. A "qualified domestic violence abuser services program" is one which the Department determines is in compliance with protocols for abuser services promulgated by the Department. To the extent possible the Department shall ensure that moneys received from penalties imposed by courts in judicial districts are returned to qualified abuser services programs serving those districts.
(Source: P.A. 100-987, eff. 7-1-19.)