(730 ILCS 5/3-8-8) (from Ch. 38, par. 1003-8-8)
    Sec. 3-8-8. Grievances.
    (a) The Director shall establish procedures to review the grievances of committed persons. The Director may establish one or more administrative review boards within the Department to review grievances. A committed person's right to file grievances shall not be restricted. Such procedure shall provide for the review of grievances by a person or persons other than the person or persons directly responsible for the conditions or actions against which the grievance is made.
    (b) Such procedures shall provide that a record of such grievance and any decision made with respect to it shall be preserved for a period of one year.
    (c) Such procedures shall allow committed persons to communicate grievances directly to the Director or some person designated by the Director outside of the institution or facility where the person is confined.
    (d) All committed persons shall be informed of the grievance procedures established by the Department and they shall be available to all committed persons.
    (e) Discipline shall not be imposed because of use of the grievance procedure.
(Source: P.A. 77-2097.)