(720 ILCS 570/317)
    Sec. 317. Central repository for collection of information.
    (a) The Department must designate a central repository for the collection of information transmitted under Section 316 and former Section 321.
    (b) The central repository must do the following:
        (1) Create a database for information required to be
transmitted under Section 316 in the form required under rules adopted by the Department, including search capability for the following:
            (A) A recipient's name and address.
            (B) A recipient's date of birth and gender.
            (C) The national drug code number of a controlled
substance dispensed.
            (D) The dates a controlled substance is dispensed.
            (E) The quantities and days supply of a
controlled substance dispensed.
            (F) A dispenser's Administration registration
            (G) A prescriber's Administration registration
            (H) The dates the controlled substance
prescription is filled.
            (I) The payment type used to purchase the
controlled substance (i.e. Medicaid, cash, third party insurance).
            (J) The patient location code (i.e. home, nursing
home, outpatient, etc.) for controlled substance prescriptions other than those filled at a retail pharmacy.
        (2) Provide the Department with a database maintained
by the central repository. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation must provide the Department with electronic access to the license information of a prescriber or dispenser.
        (3) Secure the information collected by the central
repository and the database maintained by the central repository against access by unauthorized persons.
    All prescribers shall designate one or more medical specialties or fields of medical care and treatment for which the prescriber prescribes controlled substances when registering with the Prescription Monitoring Program.
    No fee shall be charged for access by a prescriber or dispenser.
(Source: P.A. 99-480, eff. 9-9-15.)