(705 ILCS 405/4-4) (from Ch. 37, par. 804-4)
    Sec. 4-4. Taking into custody.
    (1) A law enforcement officer may, without a warrant, take into temporary custody a minor (a) whom the officer with reasonable cause believes to be an addicted minor; (b) who has been adjudged a ward of the court and has escaped from any commitment ordered by the court under this Act; or (c) who is found in any street or public place suffering from any sickness or injury which requires care, medical treatment or hospitalization.
    (2) Whenever a petition has been filed under Section 4-12 and the court finds that the conduct and behavior of the minor may endanger the health, person, welfare, or property of himself or others or that the circumstances of his home environment may endanger his health, person, welfare or property, a warrant may be issued immediately to take the minor into custody.
    (3) The taking of a minor into temporary custody under this Section is not an arrest nor does it constitute a police record.
    (4) Minors taken into temporary custody under this Section are subject to the provisions of Section 1-4.1.
(Source: P.A. 87-1154.)