(705 ILCS 305/6) (from Ch. 78, par. 6)
    Sec. 6. As often as such jury list shall have been exhausted, another such list shall be furnished as hereinbefore provided; and as often as such selection shall have been exhausted another selection shall be made as provided in Section 2 of this Act, at any meeting of the county board in the respective counties in this State except those which have jury commissioners; such subsequent selection so to be made shall consist of the names of such number of persons as the judges of the circuit court, to be held between the time of such selection and the next September meeting of such board, may by joint action determine. The clerk of the circuit courts at such times as the respective judges of such courts may direct, shall furnish the county clerk a list of all persons who have served as jurors in their respective courts.
(Source: Laws 1965, p. 3574.)