(705 ILCS 305/17) (from Ch. 78, par. 17)
    Sec. 17. After the grand jury is impaneled, it shall be the duty of the court to appoint a foreman, who shall have power to swear or affirm witnesses to testify before them, and whose duty it shall be, when the grand jury, or any nine of them, find a bill of indictment to be supported by good and sufficient evidence, to indorse thereon "A true bill;" where they do not find a bill to be supported by sufficient evidence, to indorse thereon "Not a true bill;" and shall, in either case, sign his name as foreman, at the foot of said endorsement, and shall also, in each case in which a true bill shall be returned into court as aforesaid, note thereon the name or names of the witness or witnesses upon whose evidence the same shall have been found.
(Source: P.A. 85-690.)