(705 ILCS 205/7) (from Ch. 13, par. 7)
    Sec. 7. In all cases when an attorney of any court in this state, or solicitor in chancery, shall have received, or may hereafter receive, in his said office of attorney or solicitor, in the course of collection or settlement of any claim left with him for collection or settlement, any money or other property belonging to any client, and shall, upon demand made, and a tender of his reasonable fees and expenses, refuse or neglect to pay over or deliver the same to the said client, or to any person duly authorized to receive the same, it shall be lawful for any person interested, to apply to the supreme court of this state for a rule upon the said attorney or solicitor, to show cause, at a time to be fixed by the said court, why the name of the said attorney or solicitor should not be stricken from the roll, a copy of which rule shall be duly served upon said attorney or solicitor at least two days previous to the day upon which said rule shall be made returnable; and if, upon the return of said rule, it shall be made to appear to the said court that such attorney or solicitor has improperly refused or neglected to pay over or deliver said money or property so demanded as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the said court to direct that the name of the said attorney or solicitor be stricken from the roll of attorneys in said court.
(Source: R.S. 1874, p. 169.)