(705 ILCS 70/9) (from Ch. 37, par. 659)
    Sec. 9. The following acts are repealed: "An Act to authorize the judges of Circuit, Superior, City and Town courts to appoint shorthand reporters and to provide for their duties and compensation", filed July 20, 1927, as amended; "An Act to provide for the payment of travel expenses of official shorthand reporters of Circuit courts", approved July 15, 1953, as amended; "An Act to authorize the judge of the Probate Court in any county of more than 70,000 and less than 500,000 inhabitants to appoint a shorthand reporter for the taking and preservation of evidence, and fixing the compensation to be paid therefor", approved June 28, 1919, as amended; "An Act authorizing chief circuit judges to appoint reporters for the taking and preservation of evidence and to provide for the compensation of such reporters", approved May 14, 1903, as amended.
(Source: Laws 1965, p. 2616.)