(625 ILCS 5/6-411) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 6-411)
    Sec. 6-411. Qualifications of Driver Training Instructors. In order to qualify for a license as an instructor for a driving school, an applicant must:
        (a) Be of good moral character;
        (b) Authorize an investigation to include a
fingerprint based background check to determine if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime and if so, the disposition of those convictions; this authorization shall indicate the scope of the inquiry and the agencies which may be contacted. Upon this authorization the Secretary of State may request and receive information and assistance from any federal, state or local governmental agency as part of the authorized investigation. Each applicant shall submit his or her fingerprints to the Illinois State Police in the form and manner prescribed by the Illinois State Police. These fingerprints shall be checked against the fingerprint records now and hereafter filed in the Illinois State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history records databases. The Illinois State Police shall charge a fee for conducting the criminal history records check, which shall be deposited in the State Police Services Fund and shall not exceed the actual cost of the records check. The applicant shall be required to pay all related fingerprint fees including, but not limited to, the amounts established by the Illinois State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to process fingerprint based criminal background investigations. The Illinois State Police shall provide information concerning any criminal convictions, and their disposition, brought against the applicant upon request of the Secretary of State when the request is made in the form and manner required by the Illinois State Police. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the information derived from this investigation including the source of this information, and any conclusions or recommendations derived from this information by the Secretary of State shall be provided to the applicant, or his designee, upon request to the Secretary of State, prior to any final action by the Secretary of State on the application. At any administrative hearing held under Section 2-118 of this Code relating to the denial, cancellation, suspension, or revocation of a driver training school license, the Secretary of State is authorized to utilize at that hearing any criminal histories, criminal convictions, and disposition information obtained under this Section. Any criminal convictions and their disposition information obtained by the Secretary of State shall be confidential and may not be transmitted outside the Office of the Secretary of State, except as required herein, and may not be transmitted to anyone within the Office of the Secretary of State except as needed for the purpose of evaluating the applicant. The information obtained from this investigation may be maintained by the Secretary of State or any agency to which such information was transmitted. Only information and standards which bear a reasonable and rational relation to the performance of a driver training instructor shall be used by the Secretary of State. Any employee of the Secretary of State who gives or causes to be given away any confidential information concerning any criminal charges and their disposition of an applicant shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor unless release of such information is authorized by this Section;
        (c) Pass such examination as the Secretary of State
shall require on (1) traffic laws, (2) safe driving practices, (3) operation of motor vehicles, and (4) qualifications of teacher;
        (d) Be physically able to operate safely a motor
vehicle and to train others in the operation of motor vehicles. An instructors license application must be accompanied by a medical examination report completed by a competent physician licensed to practice in the State of Illinois;
        (e) Hold a valid Illinois drivers license;
        (f) Have graduated from an accredited high school
after at least 4 years of high school education or the equivalent; and
        (g) Pay to the Secretary of State an application and
license fee of $70.
    If a driver training school class room instructor teaches an approved driver education course, as defined in Section 1-103 of this Code, to students under 18 years of age, he or she shall furnish to the Secretary of State a certificate issued by the State Board of Education that the said instructor is qualified and meets the minimum educational standards for teaching driver education courses in the local public or parochial school systems, except that no State Board of Education certification shall be required of any instructor who teaches exclusively in a commercial driving school. On and after July 1, 1986, the existing rules and regulations of the State Board of Education concerning commercial driving schools shall continue to remain in effect but shall be administered by the Secretary of State until such time as the Secretary of State shall amend or repeal the rules in accordance with the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act. Upon request, the Secretary of State shall issue a certificate of completion to a student under 18 years of age who has completed an approved driver education course at a commercial driving school.
(Source: P.A. 102-538, eff. 8-20-21.)