(625 ILCS 5/4-304) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 4-304)
    Sec. 4-304. Implementation and administration of policy. The Board shall consider and adopt such programs as are designed to implement and administer the policies hereinbefore expressed and within the appropriations provided for by the General Assembly.
    In adopting such programs, the Board shall take into consideration the programs of the federal government in the same field, so as to assure full coordination therewith and that the State of Illinois does not duplicate federal actions and programs. The programs to be considered by the Board shall in addition be designed to:
        1. Effect the efficient removal of abandoned vehicles
from the highways, streets, roads, other public property, as well as from private property within Illinois.
        2. Effect the efficient removal of abandoned and
derelict vehicles from private property to be junked, salvaged, recycled, or reclaimed, to wrecking, recycling or salvaging facilities, or to a temporary impoundment or area collection center.
        3. Effect efficient recycling or scrap processing of
retired vehicles and the salvaging of usable parts.
        4. Permit the restoration of antique and historic
vehicles by private persons or agencies.
        5. Work with other State agencies to effect the
efficient and effective recycling of solid and liquid motor vehicle waste, including motor vehicle drain oil, derived in the recycling of a motor vehicle.
        6. Recoup the costs of removal and disposal of
abandoned and derelict vehicles from vehicle owners, land owners and persons who abandon or discard such vehicles and from other suitable sources.
        7. Promote and publicize individual responsibility of
vehicle owners for their personal disposal of unwanted and discarded vehicles and develop an effective promotional campaign to show owners how to properly dispose of such vehicles; and the legal consequences of not doing so.
        8. Provide State coordination, expertise and
assistance to all local units of government, as needed, seeking legislative remedy where appropriate regarding: vehicle detitling procedure; impoundment time periods; the legal restrictions unnecessarily delaying vehicle disposal; and, to promote and advance the technology, growth and development of the legitimate auto recycling industry to the end that this industry can effectively recycle all vehicles annually retired and accumulated in Illinois with a minimum of assistance from the State or its subdivisions.
    The Board is empowered to negotiate and enter into reciprocal agreements with other states and State and federal agencies, in furtherance of the provisions of this Act, as amended; provided, however, that no such reciprocal agreement may be entered into without the approval and authorization of the State body legally required to approve such agreements.
    The Board shall make rules, regulations and by-laws, not inconsistent with this Act or any other law of this State, as to its own organization and conduct and for the implementation and administration of this Act.
    The Board is further empowered to enter into an agreement with any State agency represented on the Board, to carry out the administration of the abandoned and derelict vehicle abatement program of the Board, and to make such funds available as may be found necessary by the Board, as appropriated by the General Assembly.
(Source: P.A. 90-655, eff. 7-30-98; 91-357, eff. 7-29-99.)