(625 ILCS 5/3-812) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 3-812)
    Sec. 3-812. Vehicles with permanently mounted equipment - registration fees. Vehicles having permanently mounted equipment thereon used exclusively by the owner for the transporting of such permanently mounted equipment and tools and equipment to be used incidentally in the work to be performed with the permanently mounted equipment and provided such vehicle is not used for hire shall be registered upon the filing of a proper application and the payment of a registration fee based upon a rate of $45 per year (or fraction of a year) for each 10,000 pounds (or portion thereof) of the gross weight of such motor vehicle and equipment, according to the following table of fees:
Gross Weight in Lbs.
Including Vehicle andTotal
EquipmentAnnual Fees
10,000 lbs. and less$45
10,001 lbs. to 20,000 lbs.90
20,001 lbs. to 30,000 lbs.135
30,001 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.180
40,001 lbs. to 50,000 lbs.225
50,001 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.270
60,001 lbs. to 70,000 lbs.315
70,001 lbs. to 73,280 lbs.340
73,281 lbs. to 80,000 lbs.385
(Source: P.A. 91-37, eff. 7-1-99.)