(625 ILCS 5/18c-5310) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 18c-5310)
    Sec. 18c-5310. Insurance. (1) Implied Garagekeeper's Liability. The filing of a form E certificate of insurance shall constitute a representation by the insurance company that the underlying insurance policy includes, with regard to non-relocation towing, liability for damage to vehicles in the custody of the non-relocation towing company, whether in transit or otherwise, in an amount not less than the amount of cargo insurance required under Commission regulations and orders, unless otherwise specified by the insurance company on the form E certificate of liability insurance.
    (2) Filing Proof of Cargo Insurance. Except where the form E certificate of liability insurance indicates, in accordance with subsection (1) of this Section, that garagekeeper's liability is not covered by the underlying policy of insurance, a non-relocation towing company shall not be required to file proof of cargo insurance for the transportation of vehicles.
(Source: P.A. 84-1311.)