(625 ILCS 5/18c-4102) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 18c-4102)
    Sec. 18c-4102. Exemptions from Commission Jurisdiction. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to transportation, by motor vehicle:
    (a) of mail exclusively for the United States Postal Service;
    (b) of agricultural commodities, farm supplies, and other commodities for sale by farm supply retail outlets, by an agricultural cooperative association as defined in the Illinois "Agricultural Co-Operative Act" as amended;
    (c) of farm or dairy products, livestock, poultry, fruits and agricultural products, by the producer thereof or by a producer on behalf of other producers from farm to a farm, market, warehouse, dairy or shipping terminal, for which no monetary compensation is paid or received;
    (d) of livestock from farm to a farm market, farm to farm, or farm market to a farm as long as the vehicle is not registered for a gross vehicle weight that exceeds 28,000 pounds or a truck and trailer with a registered combined gross vehicle weight that does not exceed 28,000 pounds;
    (e) by farm tractors and any other motorized, self-propelled machinery used in the production of agricultural commodities on a farm, where the transportation is provided by the owner of the machinery or another farmer as an incident to the business of farming;
    (f) consisting of towing performed by any towing service pursuant to the written order of a law enforcement official or agency in accordance with Sections 4-201 through 4-214 of the Illinois Vehicle Code;
    (g) of trespassing motor vehicles by a licensed commercial vehicle relocator;
    (h) of newspapers being delivered to residential subscribers or to persons who will deliver the newspapers to residential subscribers;
    (i) of waste having no commercial value to a disposal site for disposal;
    (j) where the transportation is incidental to and within the scope of the person's primary business purpose, and the primary business is other than transportation;
    (k) consisting of emergency transportation of a wrecked or disabled vehicle. Further movements to an additional place of repair or storage are not exempt under this subsection. Emergency transportation of wrecked or disabled vehicles shall include the transportation, pursuant to written authorization of law enforcement official if the owner is unavailable or unable to make the request, of wrecked or disabled vehicles which might otherwise constitute a public safety hazard along a street or highway, and transportation of wrecked or disabled vehicles in other bona fide emergency situations;
    (l) consisting of transportation by a tow truck or rollback car carrier equipped as a tow truck of a motor vehicle when requested by the owner;
    (m) of waste from the facilities of the generator of the waste to a recognized recycling or waste processing facility when the generator receives no direct or indirect compensation from anyone for the waste and when the transportation is by garbage trucks with self contained compacting devices, roll off trucks with containers, or vehicles or containers specially designed and used to receive separated recyclables, and when the transportation is an interim step toward recycling, reclamation, reuse, or disposal; and
    (n) of potable water for human and livestock consumption transported in containers of 1,600 gallons or less. This subsection does not apply to vehicles transporting more than one container.
(Source: P.A. 86-564; 87-465; 87-531; 87-727; 87-768; 87-895; 87-1203; 87-1249.)