(625 ILCS 5/18c-1703) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 18c-1703)
    Sec. 18c-1703. Investigations and Arrests. (1) Enforcement Officers and Investigators. Enforcement officers and investigators appointed by the Commission shall have, and may exercise throughout the state, all the powers of police officers when enforcing provisions of this Chapter, subject to the regulations and orders of the Commission.
    (2) Investigations.
    (a) General Provisions. The Commission, through its employees, shall conduct such investigations as are necessary for the enforcement of this Chapter.
    (b) Examination, Audit and Production of Records. Authorized employees of the Commission shall have the power at any and all times to examine, audit, or demand production of all accounts, books, records, memoranda, and other papers in the possession or control of a license or registration holder, its employees or agents. In addition, every person other than a license or registration holder and every officer, employee or agent of such person shall permit every authorized employee of the Commission, upon administrative subpoena issued by the Chairman or his designee or the Attorney General, to inspect and copy any accounts, books, records, memoranda, letters, checks, vouchers, telegrams, documents, or other papers in its possession or control which the Commission deems necessary to the proper conduct of an investigation to determine whether provisions of this Chapter, Commission regulations or orders, have been violated.
    (c) Inspection of Equipment and Facilities. Authorized employees of the Commission shall have the power at all times to inspect the equipment, facilities, and other property of the licensee in the possession or control of a carrier or broker, its employees or agents.
    (d) Special Investigations. The Commission may also conduct special investigations as necessary for the enforcement of this Chapter. Where such person is found by the Commission to have violated this Chapter, and where the Commission imposes a sanction for such violation under Section 18c-1704 of this Chapter, the Commission may impose on such person an assessment of reasonable expenses incurred by the Commission in the investigation and subsequent proceeding. Such assessment shall not exceed a fee of $100 per work day or $50 per half work day, per employee, for the payroll costs of the Commission staff, plus actual transportation (in accordance with applicable state employee travel expense reimbursement regulations) and all other actual expenses incurred in the special investigation and subsequent proceeding.
    (3) Arrests and Citations. The Commission shall make arrests and issue notices of civil violations where necessary for the enforcement of this Chapter. No rail carrier employee shall be arrested for violation of this Chapter. No person operating a motor vehicle in violation of the licensing or safety provisions of this Chapter shall be permitted to transport property or passengers beyond the point of arrest unless, in the opinion of the officer making the arrest, it is necessary to transport the property or passengers to another location to insure their safety or to preserve or tend cargo carried in the vehicle.
(Source: P.A. 85-553.)