(625 ILCS 5/13C-30)
    Sec. 13C-30. Waivers.
    (a) The Agency shall certify that a vehicle that has failed a vehicle emission retest qualifies for a waiver of the emission inspection standards if all of the following criteria are met:
        (1) The vehicle has received all repairs and
adjustments for which it is eligible under any emission performance warranty provided under Section 207 of the federal Clean Air Act.
        (2) The Agency determines by normal inspection
procedures that the vehicle's emission control devices are present and appear to be properly connected and operating.
        (3) Consistent with Title 40, Section 51.360 of the
Code of Federal Regulations, for vehicles required to be tested under this Chapter, an expenditure of at least $450 in emission-related repairs (but exclusive of any repairs related to tampering) has been made.
        (4) For a vehicle of model year 1981 or later, the
repairs were performed by a recognized repair technician.
        (5) Evidence of repair is presented, consisting of
either (i) signed and dated receipts identifying the vehicle and describing the work performed and the amount charged for the eligible emission-related repairs or (ii) an affidavit executed by the person performing the eligible emission-related repairs.
    (b) The Agency may issue an emission inspection certificate to a vehicle failing a retest if a complete documented physical and functional diagnosis and inspection shows that no additional emission-related repairs are needed. This diagnostic inspection must be performed by the Agency or its designated agent and shall be available only to a vehicle owner whose vehicle was repaired by a recognized repair technician.
    (c) The Agency may extend the emission inspection certificate expiration date by one year upon receipt of a petition by the vehicle owner that needed repairs cannot be made due to economic hardship. Consistent with Title 40, Section 51.360 of the Code of Federal Regulations, this extension may be granted more than once during the life of the vehicle.
    (d) The Agency may issue an emission inspection certificate for a vehicle subject to inspection under this Chapter that is located and primarily used in an area subject to the vehicle inspection requirements of another state. An emission inspection certificate shall be issued under this subsection only upon receipt by the Agency of evidence that the vehicle has been inspected and is in compliance with the emission inspection requirements and standards applicable in the state or local jurisdiction where the vehicle is being used.
(Source: P.A. 94-526, eff. 1-1-06.)