(620 ILCS 5/62) (from Ch. 15 1/2, par. 22.62)
    Sec. 62. Investigations and inquiries without notice; hearing upon request. Nothing in this Act shall be taken to limit or restrict the power of the Department, summarily of its own motion, with or without notice, to conduct any investigation or inquiry authorized by the laws of this State pertaining to aeronautics, in such manner and by such means as it may deem proper, and to take such actions as it may deem necessary in connection therewith. With respect to any rules, rulings, regulations, decisions or orders which the Department is authorized to issue without a hearing, and so issues, except as otherwise provided herein, any person, municipality or other political subdivision affected thereby and deeming such rules, rulings, regulations, decisions or orders, or any of them, improper, unreasonable or contrary to law, may apply for a hearing thereon, setting forth specifically in such application every ground of opposition which the applicant desires to urge against such rule, ruling, regulation, decision or order. The Department may, in its discretion, grant or deny the application for such a hearing.
    The rules and regulations of the Department with respect to the filing of any formal application or the conducting of any formal hearing, for whatever purpose, may be waived at the request of any party to any proceeding, except over the written objection of any other party entitled to be heard therein.
    No formal application or formal hearing shall be required for the purpose of registering any federal license, certificate or permit, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Act.
(Source: Laws 1945, p. 335.)