(620 ILCS 5/43e) (from Ch. 15 1/2, par. 22.43e)
    Sec. 43e. (a) Any person who operates, is in actual physical control or who acts as a crew member of any aircraft in this State shall be deemed to have given consent, subject to the provisions of Section 11-501.2 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, to a chemical test or tests of blood, breath, other bodily substance, or urine for the purpose of determining the alcohol, other drug, or combination thereof content of the person's blood if arrested or upon request by any law enforcement officer where the officer has probable cause to believe the person is in violation of Section 43d of this Act. The test or tests shall be administered at the direction of the arresting law enforcement officer and the agency employing the officer shall designate which of the tests specified in this Section shall be administered.
    (b) Any person who is dead, unconscious or who is otherwise in a condition rendering the person incapable of refusal, shall be deemed not to have withdrawn the consent provided by paragraph (a) of this Section, and the test or tests may be administered, subject to the provisions of Section 11-501.2 of the Illinois Vehicle Code.
    (c) If the person refuses testing or submits to a test which discloses an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or more or discloses the presence of any illegal drug the law enforcement officer shall immediately submit a sworn report containing that information to the Federal Aviation Administration, Civil Aeronautics Board or any other federal agency responsible for the licensing of pilots and crew members. The test results shall, in addition, be made available to any agency responsible for relicensing or recertifying any pilot or crew member.
(Source: P.A. 99-697, eff. 7-29-16.)