(605 ILCS 10/9.30)
    Sec. 9.30. Moving Expenses and Direct Losses of Personal Property Caused by Displacement. The Authority is authorized to pay, as part of the cost of construction of any project on a toll highway, to any person displaced by the highway project (1) actual reasonable expenses in moving himself or herself, his or her family, and his or her business, farm operation, or other personal property; (2) actual direct losses of tangible personal property as a result of moving or discontinuing a business or farm operation but not to exceed an amount equal to the reasonable expenses that would have been required to relocate the property, as determined by the Authority; (3) actual reasonable expenses in searching for a replacement business or farm; and (4) actual reasonable expenses necessary to reestablish a displaced farm, nonprofit organization, or small business at its new site, but not to exceed $10,000.
(Source: P.A. 90-681, eff. 7-31-98.)