(605 ILCS 5/6-105) (from Ch. 121, par. 6-105)
    Sec. 6-105. The county board in counties not under township organization shall have full and complete power and jurisdiction to alter the boundaries of road districts, create new road districts and to consolidate road districts in their respective counties to suit the convenience of the inhabitants residing therein, but no such change shall be made or new road district created under the provisions of this Code unless at least 20 of the legal voters of such road district petition for such alteration or creation of a new road district or 20 legal voters from each of the districts to be consolidated petition for such consolidation; nor shall such alteration or creation of a new road district or consolidation be made by such county board without notice thereof having been given by posting up notices in not less than 5 of the most public places in each of the several road districts interested in such proposed alteration or creation of a new road district or for the consolidation of road districts. Provided, however, that where a city council or board of trustees of a municipality has, by resolution as above provided in Section 6-104, requested that the county board organize the territory embraced within such municipality into a road district or where the territory embraced in a municipality has been heretofore or may hereafter be organized into a road district and territory is disconnected from or added to such road district as provided in Section 6-104, a petition signed by the legal voters of such road district shall not be required and no notice of such proposed alteration or creation need be given but changes in boundaries shall be made by the county board as provided in Section 6-104.
    When a new road district is created or a new district is created by consolidation as provided in this Section, such new districts from creation or the time of consolidation become districts for the purpose of nominating and electing officers at the next regular election held for election of road district officers, and after said election and election of officers, become districts for all purposes. Until such election and the qualification of the officers elected, the officers of the districts consolidated into one district shall hold office, and perform their respective duties as to each district. When a new district is created, not being a consolidated district, the officers of the district or districts, from parts of which the new district is formed, shall perform their respective duties as to the territory in the new district, taken from their district, until the next regular election for officers of road districts and the election and qualification of officers for the new district.
(Source: P.A. 81-1490.)