(605 ILCS 5/5-910) (from Ch. 121, par. 5-910)
    Sec. 5-910. Comprehensive Road Improvement Plan. Each unit of local government intending to impose an impact fee shall prepare a comprehensive road improvement plan. The plan shall be prepared by persons qualified in fields relating to engineering, planning, or transportation. The persons preparing the plan shall consult with the Advisory Committee. The comprehensive road improvement plan shall contain all of the following:
        (1) A description of all existing roads, streets or
highways and their existing deficiencies within the service area or areas of the unit of local government and a reasonable estimate of all costs related to curing the existing deficiencies, including but not limited to the upgrading, updating, improving, expanding or replacing of such roads, streets or highways and the current level of service of the existing roads, streets and highways.
        (2) A commitment by the unit of local government to
cure existing deficiencies where practicable relating to roads, streets, and highways.
        (3) A description of the land use assumptions adopted
by the unit of local government.
        (4) A description of all roads, streets or highways
proposed to be improved, expanded, enlarged or constructed to serve new development and a reasonable estimate of all costs related to the improvement, expansion, enlargement or construction of the roads, streets or highways needed to serve new development at a level of service not to exceed the level of service on the currently existing roads, streets or highways.
        (5) Identification of all sources and levels of
funding available to the unit of local government for the financing of the road improvements.
        (6) If the proposed road improvements include the
improvement of roads, streets or highways under the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois or another unit of local government, then an agreement between units of government shall specify the proportionate share of funding by each unit. All agreements entered into by the State must provide that the portion of the impact fees collected due to the impact of new development upon roads, streets, or highways under State jurisdiction be allocated for expenditure for improvements to those roads, streets, and highways under State jurisdiction.
        (7) A schedule setting forth estimated dates for
commencing construction of all road improvements identified in the comprehensive road improvement plan.
    Nothing contained in this subsection shall limit the right of a home rule unit of local government from imposing conditions on a Planned Unit Development or other zoning relief which may include contributions for road improvements, which are necessary or appropriate for such developments, but are not otherwise provided for in the comprehensive road improvement plan.
(Source: P.A. 86-97; 86-1158.)