(605 ILCS 5/4-209) (from Ch. 121, par. 4-209)
    Sec. 4-209. No person shall wilfully cut, excavate or otherwise damage that portion of any highway under the jurisdiction and control of the Department, including the hard-surfaced slab, shoulders and drainage ditches, either within or without the corporate limits of a municipality without a permit so to do from the Department. The Department shall issue its permit when such cutting, excavating or damaging is reasonably necessary, but it is the duty of the person securing a permit to make such repairs to the highway as will restore it to substantially the same condition as it was originally. Permits with regard to entrances to and exits from State highway rights-of-way and roadways shall also be subject to the provisions of Sections 4-210, 4-211 and 4-212. To insure the proper repair, the Department may, before issuing its permit, require the person applying for a permit, to enter into a bond payable to the People of the State of Illinois in a sum commensurate, in the opinion of the Department, with the injury to be done to the highway, conditioned for its proper restoration within such time as the Department may prescribe. The violation of this section is a petty offense.
(Source: P.A. 77-2238.)